Chocolate Kissel
Ingredients for 4 servings:
  • chocolate — 1 bar,
  • starch — 100 gr,
  • sugar — 50 gr,
  • milk — 2 cups.
All Russians remember old fairy tales about milk rivers and kissel shores. For modern man this often causes bewilderment: how can the shores be made of liquid kissel? The solution is simple: at the beginning of the 20th century kissel was a dessert, the consistency of which was close to jelly. It was not a drink: people ate it with spoons, sometimes with milk.

The oldest kissel recipe, based on oatmeal, is very bland and unpalatable. Gradually the dish was flavored by adding berries, juice and fruit. In the 19th century, with the growing popularity of chocolate, chocolate kissel was invented. Of course, it was made sweet, and turned into a beautiful and delicious dessert worthy of the holiday table.

We took this recipe from Sophia Tolstaya's book “Lunch for Leo”. The book was published again recently, and we tried many of its recipes. They are tasty and uncomplicated.

Grind a bar of chocolate, take two cups of potato flour (starch), one cup of sugar, and dilute it with cold milk. Then boil 1/2 bottle of milk, pour in diluted chocolate, stir milk until it falls off the pan. Pour into a saucepan and serve with cream.

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