Shuya, the Capital of Russian Christmas
Shuya, the Capital of Russian Christmas
The bell tower of the Resurrection Cathedral is the tallest free-standing Orthodox bell tower in the world. For a long time, the miraculous Shuisko-Smolenskaya icon of the Mother of God has been kept in the cathedral, and Peter the Great and Alexander II came to see it.
Every January, a Christmas fairy tale comes to life here. For several days, the Russian Christmas Festival is held in Shuya. The festival includes a light installation called Temple on the site of the Savior’s Cathedral, destroyed during the Soviet era, a journey on the Christmas retro train, and a unique Christmas light show called the Park of Christmas Miracle which covers all the City’s Park.
Shuya is a religious Orthodox center. Before the October Revolution there were 23 churches. After the revolution Shuya became a site for anti-religious experiments. Final rehearsal for the Savior’s Cathedral bombing was held there, and the "Shuya affair" was the beginning of the cruel repressions against the church in Soviet Russia. In memory of these events, a monument to those who died for the faith has been erected in the town.
Shuya is the center of the Shuya Diocese. There are several significant old monasteries around the town, including the famous Nikolo-Shartomsky male Monastery and the Dunilovo Dormition Female Monastery.
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Souvenir Ideas
Christmas printed gingerbread from a Russian stove with a variety of flavors: ginger, honey, and berry. There’s a favorite treat for everyone.

Handmade honey candles made of 100% natural wax in different shades with essential oils.

An exclusive series of the legendary Shuya soap, created especially for the Russian Christmas festival.
Products from Shuisky Chintz: aprons with deer print for bartenders, black and white bed linens for Tarkovsky fans or exquisite napkins.

Collection of Christmas cards.

Delicious holiday treats from local producers.

Branded drinks, handmade souvenirs, honey, marmalade, warm mittens made of rabbit fur and a lot of other nice and valuable little things that can be wonderful gifts for Christmas.
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