Nesselrode Blancmange
Ingredients for 4 servings:
  • chestnuts — 150 g,
  • gelatin — according to the instructions on a package, about 10 g,
  • sugar powder — 150 g,
  • cream 20% — 500 ml,
  • vanillin — 1 pack,
  • frozen cherries — 200 g,
  • the zest of one lemon,
  • orange candied fruit — 100 g.
This dessert has a very amusing history. The word is very beautiful, although in fact it is a regular jelly. What makes it unusual is that it used to be cooked with almond milk.

Blancmange has its roots in the Arab world, but in Europe it appeared in the era of the Crusades, when Europeans first knew about rice and almonds.

In Russia, blancmange was traditionally served as a sweet dessert, often as a finishing touch to a meal. Sometimes a candle was placed in#nbsp8the center, which looked very effective. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, blancmange was#nbsp8already cooked with gelatin, so rice flour was no longer added as a thickening agent.

What does this dessert have to do with Nesselrode? Karl Nesselrode was a real person. From 1822 to 1956 he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and was known as a great gourmet. In addition to his political successes, he left behind a dessert, soup, and mayonnaise named after him. Yes, exactly left behind: they say he invented these recipes himself.
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