Sochivo, or Kutya
Ingredients for 4 servings:

  • wheat — 4 tbsp,
  • honey — 2 tbsp,
  • raisings — 50 g,
  • poppy — 100 g.
Kolivo, kutya or sochivo — this dish has different names in different regions and refers to boiled wheat with honey.

The words kolivo and kutya have Greek origins (from the Greek coliphia — boiled wheat, kukkia — grains, beans), the name sochivo comes from the Russian word sok — juice.

Kolivo is a memorial kutya, a porridge made of wheat or spelt, rice or other cereals with raisins and honey. This dish was probably invented in pagan times and is associated with the commemoration of ancestors.

It is widespread in Slavic and some other countries: Romanians and Moldovans also cook this dish. Eastern Slavs eat it on Christmas Eve, and Poles have this dish among the 12 traditional dishes that should be on the Christmas table.

The first mention of this dish in Russia dates back to the 11th century. Current version of the recipe appeared later, when they started to add raisins and mashed poppy to kolilo-kutya. It is a very nourishing dish, that’s why it was given to the poor and given as a gift. For serving it in portions, one spoonful is enough. On Christmas Eve, this dish begins the meal.
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